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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare my horse for a MRI? 

Please have your farrier remove shoes on any limbs being examined (ie. If we are examining front legs, both front shoes need to be removed. If we are examining hind legs, please remove both hind shoes.)  Please ask your farrier to be sure that all metallic artifacts are effectively removed from the hoof. Your horse can eat normally the night before and the morning of the exam.

What should I do to prepare my horse for a Bone Scan?

If your horse is having a full body bone scan or forelimb bone scan, front shoes may need to be removed if solar views are necessary. Please ask your veterinarian if your horse will be having these images taken and if possible, have your farrier remove the front shoes. Your horse can eat normally the night before and the morning of the exam.

What time should my horse arrive and how long will it take?

Your horse should arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 am the morning of the exam. If your horse requires special arrangements, please contact us in advance. 

MRI- Plan for your horse to be with us for the whole day. This allows for prep time, scanning time, and time for your horse to recover from sedation. Pick up time for your horse is generally between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Occasionally, if your horse requires multiple studies, an overnight stay may be necessary. You will receive a phone call from us when your horse is ready to go home. 

Nuclear Scintigraphy- Plan for your horse to be with us for 24- 48 hours from the time you drop him/her off. This allows for prep time, scan time, and the amount of time necessary for radioactive decay of the isotope administered to your horse under KY regulations. You will receive a call from us when your horse is ready to go home. 
If further diagnostics, such as lameness exam, radiography or ultrasound are needed, an additional day may be necessary.  

When will I get the results?

Your horse's MRI or bone scan results will be sent to our consulting veterinarian specialist after the exam is completed. They will compile a final report based on their findings and the report will be sent to your veterinarian. Average report time is less than one week. If you or your veterinarian have special requests regarding where the studies should be sent, please contact us before the exam so arrangements can be made.
Please remember that any specific questions regarding the findings of your horse's study should be directed to your veterinarian. 

What does the price include and when is payment due?

Our base MRI fee includes a scan of one anatomical area requested by your veterinarian. When possible and when requested by your veterinarian, we will scan the same anatomical area of the opposite leg for no extra charge. If scans of other anatomical areas are requested, additional charges will be made. All charges must be settled before discharge of your horse from our facility. You can pay by cash, check, or credit card. 

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